Important Notice: The Program has disbursed all the available funds. As of Wednesday, May 31, 2023, this page will no longer be monitored or updated. If the security of your home is threatened, please contact one of the Housing Counseling Agencies.

For Servicers

To successfully support Puerto Ricans requiring this assistance, the collaboration and buy-in from mortgage servicers and housing advocates is critical to ensure funds are distributed quickly and efficiently.

If you are a financial institution and/or agency, administrator or participating institution and wish to contact the Puerto Rico Homeowner Assistance Program or send the documents below, please contact us at:

If your servicers and/or lenders has not signed the Collaboration Agreement with the Program, the eligibility determination and debt verification process will be delayed. Currently, all the servicers and lenders in Puerto Rico and the United States that have signed the Collaboration Agreement are listed HERE.

Collaboration Agreement

ACH Form

Partner Collaboration Agreement

PRHAP Homeowner Assistance Fund Collaboration Agreement is applicable to financial institutions and/or agencies, administrators or participating institutions indicated.

ACH Agreement Form

The Agreement for Automated Clearing House Payments Form sets forth the terms and conditions pursuant to which Innovative Emergency Management, Inc. (“IEM”) agrees to make payments through ACH transfer to the Payee.

Community Partner Toolkit

To allow the program to maximize its reach to target audiences and ensure good stewardship of program funds, PRHAP provides stakeholders a tool kit of messaging materials and resources. This kit includes fact sheets, application checklist, social media posts, FAQ sheet, among other.

ServicerLenders Fact Sheet (ENG)
Fact sheet for lenders
Fact Sheet (ENG)
Fact sheet for homeowners
PRHAF Fact Sheet_For Homeowners (ENG)
Fact sheet for lenders to share with homeowners
Puerto Rico Homeowner Assistance Program FAQ
Application Checklist (ENG)
Puerto Rico Homeowner Assistance Program Applicant Checklist
Application Steps (ENG)
Puerto Rico Homeowner Assistance Program Steps
One-Pager (ENG)
Puerto Rico Homeowner Assistance Program One-Pager
servicer lender post
Servicers Social Media Post

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